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One dedicated team. All your expat needs, simplified. Navigate the complexities of living in Spain with ease, with one single end to end provider.

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Go Paperless, Gain Clarity

Transparent quotes, effortless application tracking, and seamless communication. Your time is valuable, so we make the process efficient, simplified and fully digitized.

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Support a Greener Planet

We minimize paperwork, maximize impact. Together, we contribute to a healthier planet, one step at a time. For every application, we plant a tree to compensate CO2 emissions.

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How does it work?

Generate a flexible package, tailored to your needs. Our system allows you to simulate a comprehensive application.

Step. 1

Walk through our Wizard

Answer the wizard questions, step by step. Our system will bring clarity on the steps required for your application to be successful, while accounting for your unique situation.

Step. 2

Review your quote

Upon completion of the wizard, our system will evaluate your inputs, build your case and generate a comprehensive offer. You can adjust your selections and get a refreshed quote, suitable for your needs.

Step. 3

Track your application

Once you have agreed to our offer, lay back and let us do the rest. We handle everything end to end, making your experience hassle-free. You can track the progress of your application in your dashboard.

Step. 4

Be proud of your impact

We're committed to a paperless future, planting a tree with every service application, even when printing isn't required by regulation. We process your application with the fastest possible SLA and follow up to ensure your satisfaction.

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